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Julie Krone- Visual Artist

In my work I investigate the critical role that language plays in the way cultures communicate meaning, through both the literal and visual forms that words take.

I have explored these themes through numerous lenses, playing with text as pattern, language as mimicry, and words as art. 


I experiment with old and new technologies. Photocopied, screen-printed and computer generated text wrap around architectural wooden shapes and flat surfaces that operate as modules easily rearranged to form different structures like words in a sentence. 


The printed modules act as boundaries and frameworks but also question what is temporary and what is permanent. I hope to create a dialogue that explores how we see ourselves and perceive others in a language-saturated environment.


Julie Krone was born in Dunedin, New Zealand moving to Australia in 1993. She completed a Master of Visual Arts at SCA, University of Sydney in 2005, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours, SCA, in 2003 and a Diploma of Visual Communication, Christchurch Polytechnic, New Zealand in 1991.

For 12 years Julie was a Fine Arts Tutor at the Illawarra Institute of Technology, Moss Vale and Goulburn. 


Julie is represented in significant public and private collections including Dimensional Fund Australia, The University of Wollongong, and Private collections in Australia, Argentina and New Zealand. She was a finalist in the 2011 Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Award and in 2014 was awarded the Veolia Creative Arts Scholarship to undertake an Art Residency at Proyecto Ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Julie was represented by James Dorahy Project Space from 2009 until closure in 2013.


Julie's latest solo exhibition in 2016 was DRIFT at Ivy Hill Gallery, on the Far South Coast of NSW. Other solo shows include Memisis/Mimicry, Proyecto Ace, Buenos Aires, 2014 where she was invited to attend a residency.

At James Dorahy Project Space in Sydney, Julie exhibited nothing’s black and white in 2013, word-bloc in 2011 and fabricated in 2009

She was invited to exhibit trans-located at Bundaberg Regional Gallery in 2010 and mis-translated at Wollongong City Gallery in 2009.

Julie's first solo show after postgraduate studies was at The Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney in 2008 and was titled mod-u-lar-ised.

Group-show highlights include being a finalist in the Fremantle Print Awards, 2012 and selected finalist in the Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Award, 2011. Other shows include Cycles and Territories, Proyecto Ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Melbourne Art Fair, and VARIO print exchange at Goulburn Regional Gallery and Cardiff, Wales 2011. 


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